Aarco7Bathtub & Tile Refinishing

We make your old tub or tile look like new without the cost!

Our unique product and process in refinishing bathtubs & tile can transform your bathroom to look like new. There is no more ugly grout, caulk, mold or mildew. It is easy to keep clean – just wipe with a sponge & you’re done!

Once your bathtub, sink or tile is refinished, you will be left with a smooth, high-gloss surface, creating a permanent barrier to moisture. The newly finished surface will wear the same as today’s new bathtubs & is backed by our full 10 year guarantee. We have been family owned & operated for over 50 years, with three generations of professional service.

No more mold – no more mildew – no more messy re-grouting or repeat caulking of your ceramic tile & tub surrounds.


Aarco3Glazing your bathtub or tile is as simple as 1-2-3

Bathtub re-glazing generally takes a half a day to do. Bathtub and Tile a full day. Aarco Baths will work around your busy schedule Monday through Saturday. The down time for your bathtub is 24 hours. That’s it!

Call us for prices or if you have any questions concerning our service.


Quality is not expensive. Go for it

Twenty or more years ago, most bathtubs were made with cast iron or steel in the old tradition of plumbing craftsmanship. They where bigger, deeper, and wider compared to what you get today, they are worth restoring. With a reliable re-glazing system, you can bring back the mirror gloss and luster of the original tub and change to the color harmonies of today. It’s the bright way to bring the appearance of your bathroom up to your own contemporary lifestyle without the added expense of replacement.

tubSave as much as 80% of the cost of replacement or the installation of Plastic Tub and wall liners.

With replacement, the biggest problem is likely to come when you take out the old tub. Parts of the bathroom tile and walls are torn away. The old plumbing is in the wrong place to fit the new tub. You have to replace your old plumbing. Plastic tub and wall liners can cost the same and is not near the same quality of what you already have.
Both are very expensive to install and can cost anywhere from two to four thousand dollars
Re-glazing /Refinishing with the Thermo-Glaze system is just a fraction of the cost.
 All of the re-glazing is done in place without removing even a single piece of tile. You can save the fuss and dust of major renovation as well as several hundred dollars.


If you have any questions about our product or service feel free to call us or email us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Stone Coating and Counter Top Refinishing

We now offer multi speck, stone coating finishes. These stone coatings can be used on tile, shower bases or countertops. It will give your surfaces a modern appearance with the look of stone. The stone coating is sealed with a clear stone guard that achieves almost the same hardness of actual stone. With its superior abrasion and impact resistance, you can expect this finish to look great for years to come. The clear coating that seals our multi speck is also anti graffiti rated, and has excellent chemical and stain resistance.

Countertop refinishing is the easiest and most cost effective way to give your countertop a modern new look. Scratches and chips are repaired before the countertop is resurfaced. The new finish is very durable with a variety of imitation stone finishes to choose from. You also have your choice of a satin or gloss sheen top coat.

Stone Coating on the tile and bathtub refinished Collage_Fotor9 Collage_Fotor8

Fiberglass Refinishing

Fiberglass is becoming more popular these days due to its lower cost and lighter weight, while still being a strong material. However, over time, fiberglass can loose it’s luster and become stained. Aarco can coat over fiberglass, making your fiberglass stronger and more durable. So if you have an old fiberglass jacuzzi or a stand up shower that is starting to show signs of wear, bring it back to “new” with our refinishing process.  Call us for a free estimate.


Exterior Residential Application

Brick exterior painting

With our vast product line and customized service, our paints and coatings are perfect for updating and refreshing the exterior of your home.  We can paint any exterior brickconcrete or wood, vinyl, and aluminum siding, adding value and beauty to your home. Because or product lasts longer than most paints, you save time and money by painting less often.  Our specialized coating is perfect for any metal roof or siding, too.  Don’t forget your outdoor shed!  


If you have any questions about our product or service feel free to call us or email us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you!

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