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Hotel and Motel Bathtub Refinishing

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hotel bathtub refinishing

Hotel and Motel Bathtub Refinishing

Most hotel rooms only have two rooms, the bathroom and a bedroom. So why leave your guest being disappointed with a worn out or damaged bathtub? Aarco’s professional refinishing system will provide a “like new” bathtub with an integrated anti-slip surface leaving all guest extremely happy. Aarco has been refinishing bathtubs since 1963 and have proven that our process works!

Slip Guard Service:

Our “slip guard” service can be installed into the bottom of the bathtub which would not only repair any discoloration or imperfections, but will leave the bottom of the bathtub with an anti-slip surface that looks factory. The anti-slip surface is built into the bottom of the existing bathtub and can be used within hours of completion. Preventing slips and falls is a must for any hotel, which is why many management companies and building engineers rely on Aarco to keep their bathtubs and showers as safe as possible. This service comes with our Re-caulk service at no additional charge.

Re-Caulk Service:

Moldy and cracked caulk can be very unsightly, along with a bad caulk job. Aarco offers a Re-caulk service which consist of removal of all the old caulk around the bathtub, tile walls, shower doors, or soap dishes. We then disinfect the exposed areas to prevent mold from coming back. A new bead of premium caulk would then be applied, leaving a clean and updated look.


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