German Technology Working For You

AARCO BATH SYSTEMS uses a German technology and process called Thermo-Glaze. Thermo-Glaze is the only modern Porcelain Glaze with the Heat Application (THERMO-GLAZE) process which creates the most durable like new, high gloss easy to clean Bathtub & Tile surface. This process has been around for over 50 years and is the the #1 process today in Europe & the U.S. Aarco Baths is the only refinishing company with the exclusive rights to use this process, since 1963.

AARCO BATH SYSTEMS is the only Glazing / Refinishing company to use this technology in the Illinois and Chicago area since we opened up in 1963 and is family operated, now in our third generation.


In the early seventies, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce was looking for a company to resurface bathtubs for their military installations. They tested several refinishing companies surfaces.

After extensive testing and research, Aarco Baths (Thermo-Glaze) was the only approved surface for Bathtub and Tile Re-Glazing.

The certificate read the “Thermo-Glaze” process meets all the U.S Dept. of Commerce requirements (Commercial Standard 77-63) by which all new bathtubs are manufactured.


  • Aarco Baths is a local firm serving the needs and maintaining the standards of all communities
  • Aarco Baths is supported by national Bathtub manufactures such as
  • Kohler, American Standard, and Eljer.
  • Aarco Baths has specialized in Bathtub and Tile Re-Glazing since 1963. Many years of professional service with a proven product.
  • Aarco Baths colors are computer formulated by manufacture standards.
  • Your new Thermo-Glaze surface will last the same as a new tub or tile giving you many years of lasting beauty. Aarco Baths guarantees the surface for ten years.

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