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Counter Top Refinishing

Stone Coating and Counter Top Refinishing

We now offer multi speck, stone coating finishes. These stone coatings can be used on tile, shower bases or counter tops. It will give your surfaces a modern appearance with the look of stone. The stone coating is sealed with a clear stone guard that achieves almost the same hardness of actual stone. With its superior abrasion and impact resistance, you can expect this finish to look great for years to come. The clear coating that seals our multi speck is also anti graffiti rated, and has excellent chemical and stain resistance.

Counter top refinishing is the easiest and most cost effective way to give your counter top a modern new look. Scratches and chips are repaired before the counter top is resurfaced. The new finish is very durable with a variety of imitation stone finishes to choose from. You also have your choice of a satin or gloss sheen top coat.

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