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Aarco has been in the painting and refinishing industry for 5 decades.  We continue to follow our passion for providing customers with the best product and highest quality workmanship possible.

Metal Roof RestorationShoeless Joes Metal roof Re-coating

If you own a building with a metal standing seam roof and are looking to restore and protect it, then we have the right paints and coatings for your project.  Aarco uses only the highest quality paints and industrial coatings, chosen specifically for your project needs, meeting all industry standards.  The results will provide you with the desired aesthetics while, at the same time, restoring and preserving your asset.   These  products provides outstanding durability, excellent adhesion and superior water protection.  Our process begins by accessing the current condition of the roof, power washing, repairing and replacing any defective screws and panels, spot priming, when necessary, and applying up to 5 mils of the chosen coating that matches the needs of the roof. Our team is experienced in the application of all products and takes extra care to protect all of the areas surrounding the building’s exterior.  In most cases, re-coating your metal roof can stabilize your building’s internal temperature, resulting in lower heating and cooling bills.

Metal roof replacement can cost up to $15.00 a square foot.  Our painting and refinishing can be applied for as little as $2.73 a square foot.    Save both time and money by refinishing instead of replacing.


multi color roof

When it comes to choosing a color for your metal roof and other surfaces, the choices are endless!  We can match an existing color or apply a color that is completely different, giving your exterior structure a whole new look

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Commercial Painting

With our vast product line and customized service, our paints and coatings are perfect for hotels, motels, schools, hospitals, commercial office buildings, health clubs, sports complexes, spas, and apartment complexesGarage door photo

We can apply paints to exterior brick, concrete, stone, stucco, aluminum, interior hallways, pool decks and much more.

Industrial Painting

Metal siding, heavy equipment, lockers, steel beams, dumpsters, storage and fluid containers and much more.


We are able to coat:

*Concrete *Wood *Brick *Drywall *Laminate *Metal *Steel *Porcelain *Fiberglass

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Stone Coating

The “Stone Coating” can be applied to virtually any surface and will give the impression of solid stone.  The stone coating’s durability offers a unique option for office interiors.  It is stronger than paint and wallpaper, so no more worries about office furniture dings and scratches.

Image 6-15-16 at 10.35 AMRemoving wallpaper can be a tedious and messy job.  We will scrape and remove any loose paper and apply the stone coating directly over the existing covered surface.  This layered, dimensional coating naturally fills in all the imperfections, resulting in a beautiful and durable finish that gives the appearance of stone.

This coating can also be used in locker
hotel hallways, cafeterias, break rooms, hospitals, public bathrooms and other common, high traffic areas.

Its application options are endless!

IMG_1608 IMG_1609Stone coat photo 2

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Services Include…

Bathtub & Tile Refinishing
Commercial/Industrial Painting
Hotels/Motels, Apartment Complexes
Specialty Coatings
Metal Roofs/Siding
Interior/Exterior Brick
Protective Coatings

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